Primary Arms ACSS recticle

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Primary Arms ACSS recticle


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Have a P.A. Prism 3X for my Zastava AK. This is really a great optic in design and good for my older eyes, it's easy to learn and use, the short video is a good example.

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Re: Primary Arms ACSS recticle


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I like this ACSS reticle. I got mine from Primary Arms for $255 (Holosun 507c).
In September, I took a 20 hour, 2 day red dot class and it was great to use the ACSS on the new M&P 2.0 Metal. We did a 1000 rounds in 2 days, one of the days was a night shoot.
Right now, I wouldn't use anything but the 507c ACSS.
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Re: Primary Arms ACSS recticle


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Another thumbs up for ACSS
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