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Re: Best Semi-Auto Shotgun


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oh crap...

i didn't see that it had to be semi auto!!!

Good job seeing I snuck a pump in there

But Yes, that is why I had to switch.... After 150-200 rounds on the pump action shooting clays and my hands hurt and were swollen

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Re: Best Semi-Auto Shotgun


Post by samnev »

azmp5 wrote: June 26th, 2019, 11:27 pm Imo it's a toss up between Benelli M2 and M4. I'm bias so I'll say M4, but the M2 is just as good.
I agree but also really like The HK Benelli Super 90 imported in the 90"s.
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Re: Best Semi-Auto Shotgun


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I can’t say enough good things about my Mossberg 930spx. I reload for it, it eats Wally World special, high brass, low brass, reduced powder loads, bird, buck, you name it.
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Re: Best Semi-Auto Shotgun


Post by rus787 »

Me and my kids all shoot different semi-autos and have truly never had an issue with any of these:
Winchester SX3
Remington VersaMax
Tristar G2 (left-handed)
Tristar G2 (right-handed)

Only one that was purchased new was the VersaMax. The LH Tristar was bought as a test just to see what it was like (paid $300 I think) and since I had zero issues, I bought another with a shorter 26" barrel as a buddy/turkey gun. I'm a bird hunter and occasionally shoot clays before the season to shake the cobwebs out.
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Re: Best Semi-Auto Shotgun


Post by 17-21-23 »

I have had high end and low end semi autos. But my Mossberg 930 SPX Flex Semi Automatic Shotgun 12 Ga and
Mossberg 930 Tactical 12 Gauge Semi Auto Shotgun are the best for the money.
There cheap and I haven't had one fail yet. Bought mine between 550 and 650.
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Joelafives Member Member
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Re: Best Semi-Auto Shotgun


Post by Joelafives »

I like my Mossberg 930 JM - best bang for the buck
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Kingjoey Member Member
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Re: Best Semi-Auto Shotgun


Post by Kingjoey »

Check out the Escort MPA shotguns, we make mag extensions, oversized charging handles, and other stuff for them. Well made gun and far more reliable than a lot of other stuff like 930
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was21 Member Member
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Re: Best Semi-Auto Shotgun


Post by was21 »

Try out the Remmy V3.... taking over from my 11-87
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TacoTime Member Member
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Re: Best Semi-Auto Shotgun


Post by TacoTime »

Stoeger M3k or Benelli M4
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Re: Best Semi-Auto Shotgun


Post by XJThrottle »

I bought a Kalashnikov 12ga AK just to play with. Thing shoots awesome. I was out with a group plinking in the dez a couple weeks ago. One guy brought his clay thrower. As the birds were tossed I gave the guy up first shot, then I'd go behind them. Nailed it every time they missed.
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mtptwo Member Member
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Re: Best Semi-Auto Shotgun


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I have a Beretta 1301 and it is like shooting a Ferrari. It puts my 930 to shame.
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rgregory1965 Member Member
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Re: Best Semi-Auto Shotgun


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mjf Member Member
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Re: Best Semi-Auto Shotgun


Post by mjf »

for home defense the FN SLP is one fine piece of equip.
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Hac Member Member
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Re: Best Semi-Auto Shotgun


Post by Hac »

Browning Gold
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Rock Hardson Member Member
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Re: Best Semi-Auto Shotgun


Post by Rock Hardson »

I have 2 Benelli M1 Super 90's HK imported
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