Contact info for Gary Blount?

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Re: Contact info for Gary Blount?


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components are tough to get, real ugly have had back orders in for a gaggle of stuff for long time, rumor is only small batches making it to vendors, and of course price is up and over, hope you find some goods

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Re: Contact info for Gary Blount?


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John Kuhns wrote: January 17th, 2022, 4:34 pm ... Poole keeps trying to get me back out on the line that I should consider retirement.
80 shot at Avery this coming saturday! you could shoot then continue up to northern command.

to keep it on topic, I too have almost been caught by the gun seller scammers... found what I wanted on a very legit looking website added the item to the shopping cart, their FFL page said they would match up with a local FFL on file, great... or I could have my LGS submit the FFL.... looked at the payment page and saw they accept Zelle, great that makes it easy, then I noticed they accept bitcoin and nothing else....huh???, googled for it and found a bunch of scam reports. Not long after that, searching for some oddball brass I found a place had it in stock at a pre-panic price, again Zelle and bitcoin only.... read more of the website carefully and found a few things that didn't make sense, like "we have a large inventory of handguns and machine guns in stock", needless to say I kept shopping.

I got burned by a real scam - not-gun related - Saw an ad on youtube playing for weeks just before christmas for something functional, so I ordered it with paypal, when the box arrived it was a cheap plastic figurine that was so different from what was advertized, it constitutes mail fraud for them to have shipped it, plus, it arrived broken.... after days of dickering with the vendor offering 30%, then 50% then 70% refund, paypal finally reports 100% refund. In our hobby paypal discriminates against us, but at least in this case it was helpful to have their resolution system.

Crap like this re-affirms my support of the death penalty.

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