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Parkland school update

Posted: July 27th, 2022, 10:20 pm
by blasternaz
"Robert Runcie the superintendent over Parkland school, admitted to lying to the grand jury investigating the shooting. He was arrested. One of the things he lied about?
Covering up the issues that allowed the shooting to happen. This shooting was 100% preventable. What if one father, Andrew Pollack hadn't taken it upon himself to get to the bottom of what happened? The school superintendent even knew about the kid.
Of course it is taking forever to punish those involved while the sheep still blame the gun. The idiots on the school board voted to give him a 750,000.00 severance package.
People understand that this man had the power and the knowledge to stop the shooting before it happened. He lied to the investigating grand jury about what he knew and got caught! They even had his phone and can pin down the date and time that he made the calls. That is a felony if you don't know. So what is he doing now? Working a group that promotes school safety. Remember he only confessed after he got caught. This country has gone mad"