Best small solar power charger?

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Re: Best small solar power charger?


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I have a very thin foldable 100w military solar panel and a small-ish 400w Goal Zero battery pack. I like the Goal Zero itself, but the GZ eco-system sucks. They all use propriatary plugs and adapters which don't play well with others...but if you have a GZ battery pack and a GZ solar panel/accessories, they all work setup requires an adapter or two. I have adapters to directly charge USB items from the solar panel itself, but the GZ battery pack is nice to plug in 110 items, 12v cigarette, etc. I can ditch the GZ battery pack if needed and charge directly from the panel, if the item has USB. So, all my batteries are capable of being charged via USB only.

My typical use of the GZ battery pack is to charge it during they day to 100%; charging phones, laptops, radios, etc during the daylight. Then at night, I plug in a string of LED lights for the campsight, which last about 12-14 hours. I've never had the battery pack drop below 20%.

A gas generator makes the most since if you plan on staying put or have a vehicle to bug out, but gasoline is going to go bad at some point. The sun will always shine...if that stops, we are all screwed anyways.

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