One day shotgun class

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One day shotgun class


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I recently took a one-day shotgun class from Symtac Consulting.
Rob Haught has been teaching the push/pull technique since the late 80s, and as such, it blows me away at how many people have never heard of this.
Recently his son Matt (who taught this class) has gotten more into what I would describe as a full-time teaching schedule.

The one-day class has a very basic and casual schedule.
The safety briefing had a few more appreciated elements to it than your average speech (I would assume) due to the devastating effects of a shotgun. Example: There was a designated transport vehicle pointed out that had the keys placed on the driver's windshield wiper. In the event that there was an issue with that vehicle preventing use, everyone was asked to place their keys on their vehicle in the same manner. Just as in self-defense, always good to have options.

The morning session consists of drills that build upon each other to teach the aspects of the push/pull technique.

When we got to lunch, Matt talked about options, gear and proper setups that maximize the capabilities of this tool. I've discovered that when attending these higher-level classes, the instructors jam in as much material as they can, which as a student/consumer I can appreciate. At the same time, I did not feel as though as I was drinking water through a firehose as I have in other classes, with the exception of the self-induced stress I created in my own head when making a mistake.

The afternoon session consisted of reloading from all positions and how to do them. These include coming from the sidesaddle, body/sling bandolier, dump pouch and maybe one other I seem to be forgetting.

I found this to be a great "shotgun 101" type class, although it seemed as though at least half of the class were more practiced than I, and they seemed to be honing already learned skills.
As a follow-up, they offer a two day class that includes more advanced techniques.

The important stuff-
Matt is a quality instructor that understands that words mean things and applies them in the proper context. Since we had a small side talk about a couple aspects of instructing, I feel as though I could contact him at anytime for answers.
Also in attendance were two AIs, Cody Stewart, President of Vang-Comp (proven kickass shotgun barrels,) and Alan Normandy, owner of Battlecomp (proven kickass comps.)
When you talk to any of these three as I did, I got what I feel is of the utmost importance- responsible, correct information to counter the ocean of misinformation that floats around the firearms world. I totally love that instructors like them at this advanced level are willing to talk and give you answers as if it's just two friends talking.
I vigorously recommend taking this class if you have the opportunity..

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