A pretty nice case on the cheap

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A pretty nice case on the cheap


Post by Boriqua »

Harbor freight is always kind of hit or miss on their products. Some are good some are great and some shouldn't be sold. Whew I have a tap and die set that is so soft the only thing it can put threads on is butter.

Having said that .. I ran into a piece of kit that I think is very well made. It is a pelican rip off and they have it in a variety of sizes. Only messed with it a little but the latches are nice and tight, it comes with little holes for a small lock and comes with a ton of foam so you can baby whatever you want to put in it. The hinges so far are stout and the plastic has nice ridges molded in to reinforce the box I posted it here because it may make a good travel box for that special gun so it doesn't get dinged up and its about as cheap as a good gun rug. YMMV .. just thought I would share.

https://www.harborfreight.com/2800-weat ... 63926.html

There is a larger one and when I was there it was in black and a smaller one than the one I bought. I got the 2800. Dont see the smaller one on their website but they had it at the Apache Junction store.

https://www.harborfreight.com/4800-weat ... 56863.html

I have a pelican that I bought years ago .. Honestly .. seems just as good.

I am using it in a somewhat unorthodox way. I have big cans that serve me well when the wife and I go Kayaking, Tubing or a bunch of other activities where we need a ton of storage but .. I needed just a little something to store some junk I like to have on the bike like tools, helmet locks and small purchases at the store. So far working out well. I have since taken off the stickers. May pick up another for my camera gear


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Re: A pretty nice case on the cheap


Post by knockonit »

i use some of these as pistol transport cases, a couple hold half dozen gats with mags if done right
congrats on find.
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Re: A pretty nice case on the cheap


Post by XJThrottle »

Have a couple myself.
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