Any CrossBreed clones out there?

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Any CrossBreed clones out there?


Post by pneuby »

I got this rig with a gun deal, and it has zero origin markings. It's much like a Crossbreed Super Tuck with combat cut. But, there are no crosses stamped into the clips, and the kydex portion completely covers the muzzle. The back has a dark fleece layer stiched into place, not just the suede part of the leather.
You can remove the clips in the same manner, and it's cut for a heavy 1n3/4" gun belt for OWB carry if you choose. I could text someone a pic or two of it post, as I can't figure it out with my new confuser. :|

Do any of you know of a competitor that's of similar design?

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Re: Any CrossBreed clones out there?


Post by Tinman87 »

I can’t answer your question, so I’m sorry, but I have to ask, fleece? That sounds like a biatch to wear in the AZ summer…
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Re: Any CrossBreed clones out there?


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Half a dozen folks make copies but they all mark their product. Galco and Desantis come to mind.

Sounds like a small batch home type maker.
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Re: Any CrossBreed clones out there?


Post by superdrag67 »

Alien Gear is a big one.
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Re: Any CrossBreed clones out there?


Post by Flash »

Alien gear marks all their stuff also, plus they don't do fleece.
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