New guy here!

This is the forum to visit to introduce yourself, ask basic questions regarding this community, the site or general questions that you feel might be something that someone who is new to this site or firearms might ask. You will not be flamed or attacked in this forum for your questions.
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New guy here!


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Hi, I'm new to this site, just found you guys from a reddit post. I live in San Tan Valley, been in AZ since '04, I moved down here from the Seattle area (Redmond) because of all the sun and freedom (you can see how that area has devolved). I'm always up for finding new shooting buddies, I dont hunt much but want to start doing that more also. I just drew a turkey tag for the october hunt in 5B South so I am going to try to get info on that in the hunting section. I have a Mossberg 835 that will take 3.5" shells, just need to figure out what will work well (lead? Steel? Some other super metal?) Anyway, glad to have found this site with like-minded people!

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Re: New guy here!


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Re: New guy here!


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Welcome to the group! I've been out of hunting for a long time, but I'm slowly dipping my toes back in those waters. It's really rewarding and it makes you appreciate your food so much more.

From what I've heard, the latest and greatest turkey shells are the Federal Premium tungsten. They're stupidly expensive, but how many shells are you even going to fire on a turkey hunt? They also have different size shot in each shell which is supposed to be beneficial for some reason. Never used them myself, so it might all just be hype, but I'd look them up on Youtube to watch some reviews.

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Re: New guy here!


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Welcome to the forum!!

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