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This is the forum to visit to introduce yourself, ask basic questions regarding this community, the site or general questions that you feel might be something that someone who is new to this site or firearms might ask. You will not be flamed or attacked in this forum for your questions.
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New member from Maryland


Post by shuishe » March 11th, 2019, 12:21 pm

Good Afternoon!

My name is Kris, I am a born and raised Seattle native until 8 years ago when I moved to Maryland for work. Boy have the laws changed since then.... Now I am in the process of relocating back west and plan to be completely moved back mid May.

I come with a 15yr old son who has been shooting since he was 5 and a 12yr old who is less interested in shooting but also shoots.

We mostly do outdoor mid - long range (500 - 1000 yards). I mainly shoot 6.5CM and 300WM, my 15yr old shoots mostly .223 and 6.5CM. We are all looking forward to meeting new people as we relocate. Similar to how it was when I moved to MD, I figured the best place to start was on the forums =)

Side note ... I cannot wait to get out of this state and am so looking forward to AZ.

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