No more Knob Creek

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No more Knob Creek


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On Oct. 10, 2021, at 8:32 p.m., the final Knob Creek night shoot took place. was there to document what was arguably the greatest Second Amendment event on the planet.

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Re: No more Knob Creek



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Re: No more Knob Creek


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Re: No more Knob Creek


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Oh well.
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Re: No more Knob Creek


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True, but you do have the SAR gun show and MG Shooters MG shoots twice a year to compensate you! Glass half full, glass half empty brass catcher. VBG And yes, I'm at the MGShooter shoots every year, bringing the loud noises.
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Re: No more Knob Creek


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one of the best joints i've ever been too, made a dozen contacts and went curio crazy
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