Found some en blocs!!!

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Found some en blocs!!!


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Cleaned out the closet and found two boxes of en blocs way in the back! I now remember buying these from Sarco MANY years ago. They had a sale for 3 for $1.00 plus shipping. I bought 600 of them. I boxed these up and have been using the others ever since. :dance:

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Bullzaye Member Member
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Re: Found some en blocs!!!


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So, were you looking to sell some...?
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792mauser Member Member
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Re: Found some en blocs!!!


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I remember days like that.
Found a bunch of sks clips from back in the day a few months ago.
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Bill Poole Member Member
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Re: Found some en blocs!!!


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OK, I'm 3 months behind seeing this post. But I figured I jump on it to encourage any Garand user to come join a formal shoot!

PRGC has a monthly shoot for C&R Rifles, they call it the CMP Games style shoot. 4th sunday every month, so this coming 26-July!

so if you've got a Garand and want to use some of these en-bloc 8rd clips such as those posted here, this would be a great chance!

Prone & Standing, slow fire, rapid fire, all at 200yds.

The spirit of the shoot is "as issued" military rifles of the smokeless cartridge era, from 1891 Mausers & Mosins thru WWI, WWII, cold war and modern military.

Garand is hugely popular at such shoots. Picture over 1000 shooters at the CMP events at Camp Perry, OH, shooting Garands side by side!

My write up

Such shoot occasionally occur at Avery and Rio/usury pass.

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