Is C&R collecting effectively dead?

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Re: Is C&R collecting effectively dead?


Post by etprescottaz01 »

Not dead just not the same market we had 20 years ago and will never experience again. The last happy time is over, no more crates of $100.00 rifles to dig thru, today a person has to know what they want, find it and probably pay a lot more than it's really worth.

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littleleft Member Member
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Re: Is C&R collecting effectively dead?


Post by littleleft »

i was ccr for many years. let it laps. Once or twice a year there is something from gunbroker or other that i was interested in. But, in last few years have not seen much. Don't know if ccr still has discounts with retailers.
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samnev Member Member
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Re: Is C&R collecting effectively dead?


Post by samnev »

Black Hills Shooters Supply and Brownell's are the 2 vendors I used most that honored a C&R License.
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Re: Is C&R collecting effectively dead?


Post by SniperHF »

I think it's pretty dead. I let my C&R lapse years ago.

The ammo cost/availability issue is a bigger problem for me than the initial firearm costs though. I used to like buying different types of ammo and seeing the differences as much as anything else.

Last week I ran through some of my old Bulgarian Tokarev ammo. Quality it was not (watch out for split necks!) but it was the cheapest center fire caliber around when I bought it.

Also need to break out my m39 one of these days.
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shooter444 Member Member
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Re: Is C&R collecting effectively dead?


Post by shooter444 »

:oops: ooops!
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deserttrans Member Member
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Re: Is C&R collecting effectively dead?


Post by deserttrans »

I am going to buy if it is something on the bucket list.... Quality stuff will hold its value.
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danonly55 Member Member
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Re: Is C&R collecting effectively dead?


Post by danonly55 »

As with others my spending is way down but I keep my eyes and ears open for goodies now and then.
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Solar_Empire Member Member
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Re: Is C&R collecting effectively dead?


Post by Solar_Empire »

Depends how you look at it. 80 dollar a pop rifles sold by the crate with mass quantities of surplus ammo are done. Either through depletion of stock or by legislation. There are a lot of surplus firearms out there, and don't forget that C&R dictates that a firearm 50 years of age and older (post 1898, anything before that is an antique) are C&R eligible. It isn't just tied to military surplus firearms. A license is 30 bucks for 3 years, 10 bucks a year, and the dealer I transfer through is 15 a pop. As a C&R guy, two purchases over the course of three years breaks me even and is easily accomplished.
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trickyrick Member Member
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Re: Is C&R collecting effectively dead?


Post by trickyrick »

it is not the low budget hobby it used to be...i had to sell most of mine to pay mortgage back in 08...can't replace them now unless triple or more what i paid for the first ones
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paulgt2164 Member Member
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Re: Is C&R collecting effectively dead?


Post by paulgt2164 »

It is far from dead. While prices have increased - it was bound to happen eventually as there is a finite number of original condition firearms out there.

However, I have noticed quite often that the younger enthusiasts these days are quite interested in the ww1 / ww2 era firearms. I get more questions from 10-20 year olds about my surplus rifles these days then people my own age. Seems Video games like Battlefield 1 and C.O.D. WW2 have really grabbed the interest of the young'ins. Cody Firearms Museum has also noticed this uptick in interest. It is pretty cool to see some kid come up and ask me about my Enfield, Steyr, etc - in which I happy to offer them to run a few rounds through them.
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Howlin Mad Member Member
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Re: Is C&R collecting effectively dead?


Post by Howlin Mad »

Definitely not dead, but pickings are slimmer these days, and the $40 Mosin Nagants are long gone.

Importers are still finding things around the world. recently brought in a literal warehouse of WW2 and after surplus guns from Africa that they had been jumping through hoops to get for 10 years. They are sorting them and dribbling them out.

The time to buy C&R guns is when they first hit the streets, they seldom get any cheaper, and when they initially sell out, prices start going up quickly.
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