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Kimber EVO


Post by Wrektum » May 14th, 2019, 9:45 pm

Good evening,
I have been reading about and watching a couple YouTube videos about the Kimber EVO and I now have a few questions for AZS members.
After the failure of the Kimber Solo do you wait a year or so before thinking about the EVO?
I would.
Is the Kimber EVO lined up against the Glock 26? Here are a couple dimensions.
Kimber EVO 1.06 inches wide, Glock 26 1.26 inches wide
EVO 4.03 inches tall, 26 4.17 inches tall
EVO barrel 3.16 inches, 26 3.43 inches
EVO length 6.1 inches, 26 6.50
EVO capacity 7+1, 26 10+1 (of course that is standard mags)
So far I don't see a reason to switch from my Glock 26 to the Kimber EVO.

For a lower capacity metal frame I like my Kahr MK9 just fine.
Here are the MK9 stats.
.90 inches wide at slide
6.5 inches long
4.0 inches tall
3.0 inch barrel
6+1 capacity
Just some food for thought

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