Crossroads coming up

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Re: Crossroads coming up


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thom wrote: December 5th, 2021, 7:15 am It was the best show for searching for goodies in awhile. Sure most stuff was overpriced Friday and Saturday. That is where the vendors make their money. Or you get to dicker with them and enjoy it. The AZCDL booths were manned by volunteers. But some volunteers had to be brought up from Tucson and points south. We need more from the Phoenix area to step up if you can.
Does Ed Martinez's old sidekick Glenn still work the booth or did he quit when Ed died?

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Re: Crossroads coming up


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I was only there on Friday I did not see Glenn.
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Re: Crossroads coming up


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My 3rd SAR show, went Friday, crowded in my opinion but enjoyed it.
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Re: Crossroads coming up


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Ammo was over priced, but at least there was ammo to purchase without hoards to fight...
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Re: Crossroads coming up


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I was there past weekend, bought some stuff that seller didn't know what he had, so good deal for me. But mostly everything was overpriced
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Re: Crossroads coming up


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I always go to SAR.

I had a good time once again
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