Gun Show Williams 15th-16th

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Gun Show Williams 15th-16th


Post by Hprm1a »

There is a gun show scheduled for this weekend in Williams at the stockyard/fairgrounds place they have. Details: ... -gun-show/

I can't imagine it being a very large show but if you are bored and don't mind the drive it's something to do on a Sunday.

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Re: Gun Show Williams 15th-16th


Post by 792mauser »

Sounds like an interesting day trip to me.

And to get outta the heat for a bit.

And to see those big green leafy things made of wood. They're called........trees I think.
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Re: Gun Show Williams 15th-16th


Post by knockonit »

AZCDL is looking for volunteers for working the membership booth, might be an IN
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Re: Gun Show Williams 15th-16th


Post by marlin39a »

Well, how was the show?
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Re: Gun Show Williams 15th-16th


Post by Lwstarks »

marlin39a wrote: May 17th, 2021, 6:29 am Well, how was the show?
I’ll second that. How was it? I thought about going up there but too many irons in the fire.
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Re: Gun Show Williams 15th-16th


Post by pneuby »

Sized similar to the Big Tin Cotton Gin venue in Q.C.
Equally stark location in stalls/barns at the rodeo grounds.
Nothing to buy, but did get a couple of mine new homes.
Best part was the smoking hot cop-chick working the detail. DAMN!

Suffice to say, it'll be the first/last time I drive to a show in Williams
for a show.
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