Prescott Valley Toyota Center

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Re: Prescott Valley Toyota Center


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daviddiesel wrote: August 14th, 2021, 3:54 am When is the next show, anyone know?
Man, I wish someone would make some type of Internets machine that would allow you to quickly search large sections of the Internets to find what you were looking for...maybe based on some key words or something...some type of "search engine", if you will....what a world that would be.
I know there are a lot of web sites...I'd bet there might be over 10 to the 100th power different web pages...I think that is called a googol....but that's a funny let's just call it a Google.

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Re: Prescott Valley Toyota Center


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Went to the show today, no masks mandated, no "so many people allowed at one time" thing.

I got there by 0830 and waited for my ticket then since it was a tad frosty they let us in about 5-10 minutes early and we were supposed to wait in the foyer but basically everyone just went into the show.

I spent about three hours there looking over all the tables, talking to some local friends, got an accessory or two. They said no reentry but if you took a selfie by a poster inside then you could return.

Price wise I wish I could have set up a table and sold all my platforms from the last year that I sold at the inflated prices that the show had! Most weapons that I had an eye on locally were up about $50; example Mossberg Shotgun for $399 was going to $499 with show special price drop to $449. LOTS of overpriced C&R weapons though.

Was it worth $14? It got me out of the house, walked about a mile inside a nice building, no food or drinks to be bought anywhere inside though. If I didn't live locally, I would have been OK with the time spent.
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Re: Prescott Valley Toyota Center


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I went at opening on Sunday. No line to get in. I brought 4 guns, and sold them all. I wasn’t looking to buy anything, and was out by 10. Still no crowd. I should have brought more guns.
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Re: Prescott Valley Toyota Center


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They had Colt ar for $899 not bad, only bought some blanks loaded on belts.
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